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We have great-looking shorts that are longer!

Our Styles

We provide fashionable, casual clothing for people who don't want to follow the latest fads of short shorts and thigh-high slits. Our clothes are perfect for those who prefer more modest styles. All of our clothing is top department store quality. We have many styles to choose from and are adding more all the time, based on customer feedback.

We specialize in longer shorts. For men and women, our shorts are approximately knee-length on a person of average height. Inseam lengths are listed on every product page. Our shorts are perfect for people who prefer more modest clothing, for country club golfing, or for those who just need or want a longer length. Many LDS church members and those of other faiths have determined that our shorts meet their personal standards.

We also have a selection of long layering tees. These shirts come in a variety of colors and styles. Layer them with each other or under other tops. The look is fashionable yet modest.

We can also help you meet school dress codes!  Our knee-length shorts for men and women are great for schools like BYU that have stricter dress code standards.

We stock all of our inventory in our own distribution facility in Utah. If we are out, it will tell you right on the product page. We do not back-order, or drop-ship. You'll get your order fast!

Our Guarantee

If you don't love our clothing, we offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee. Click here to read all of our policies.

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Note on "modesty"

On occasion, a customer will ask whether KneeShorts' has adopted the "correct" standard of modesty. We believe that there are many legitimate standards for modest dress - some personal, others religious or institutional. We support any standard that attempts to promote modest dress. We aim to carry styles that will appeal to many standards of modesty - whether inspired by a school dress code or an individual's personal beliefs.

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